[Webinar] Ensuring Cybersecurity Resilience in Financial Services Companies in Nigeria



Cytek Security provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, delivered by the world’s top cyber experts. This includes advisory and implementation services, managed security services, and capability building.

In a recent webinar focused on ensuring cybersecurity resilience in Nigeria’s financial services sector, three industry experts delved into the escalating threats posed by cyber-attacks and outlined key strategies to fortify the nation’s financial institutions against these evolving challenges. 

Below is a short high-level summary of the webinar and its key takeaways. We invite you to watch the entire webinar recording below.

The Pervasive Threat Landscape

The global acceleration of digital transformation brings with it a surge in cyber threats, particularly in the financial sector. With Nigeria experiencing a boom in digital financial services, banks in the country experience heightened risks due to the ever-growing sophistication of cyber threats. 

Understanding the Target

The financial sector emerged as a prime target for cyber attackers due to the immense value it holds. Financial institutions are not only guardians of money but also repositories of sensitive information, making them lucrative targets. Various threats were identified, including phishing attacks augmented by artificial intelligence, ransomware, and vulnerabilities arising from the adoption of mobile banking and cloud infrastructure. 

Emerging Challenges in the Financial Landscape

Several factors contribute to the evolving threat landscape in Nigeria’s financial sector. The rise of Fintech introduced new challenges, as information traditionally safeguarded within financial institutions now migrates to start-ups, necessitating enhanced security measures. Third-party risks were emphasized as increasingly complex, requiring financial institutions to ensure the security of external products and services they employ. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was discussed as a double-edged sword, accelerating both attacks and defense mechanisms. The use of AI in phishing attacks and the challenges associated with training AI models were explored in detail. 

Unique Aspects of Nigeria’s Banking System

The session shed light on Nigeria’s banking system, characterized by high mobile banking penetration and a robust regulatory environment led by the Central Bank of Nigeria. Despite the positive strides in regulation, challenges such as a lack of awareness among users, digital identity verification, and the shortage of cybersecurity talent were identified as critical issues. 

The role of the human factor in cybersecurity was underscored, emphasizing the importance of employee training and retention. The lack of cybersecurity awareness among users, coupled with the shortage of skilled professionals, was identified as a significant challenge. The imperative for organizations to manage vendors, educate customers, and prioritize regulatory compliance and innovation was emphasized. 

Deep Dive into Cybersecurity Solutions

A comprehensive exploration of key challenges and threats faced by financial institutions in Nigeria highlighted the changing landscape of attacks, the importance of skill sets, and the severe consequences of cyber incidents, including the potential loss of license and reputational damage. 

Managed Security Services as a Solution

The discussion concluded with a focus on managed security services as a cost-effective solution for organizations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. These services offer a competitive edge, efficiency, and expertise in handling various components such as monitoring, investigation, incident response, and day-to-day security control operations. 

Key Takeaways

The webinar concluded with key takeaways, emphasizing the need for tailored cybersecurity solutions, continuous improvement, and a proactive approach. Essential elements included classifying information assets, building a robust incident response plan, staying abreast of advanced threats, and prioritizing employee training and awareness. 

Cytek’s Involvement and Recommendations

Cytek, recognizing the relevance of its portfolio to Nigeria’s challenges, has entered the scene to address training, capacity building, and managed security services. The general recommendations offered included risk management, secure architecture, regular updates, and a focus on employee training and retention. 

In closing, the financial sector’s commitment to cybersecurity was reinforced, highlighting the necessity of collaborative efforts, continuous adaptation, and the adoption of innovative solutions to safeguard Nigeria’s financial landscape from the ever-evolving cyber threats. If you want to deep dive into this topic, we recommend that you watch the full webinar recording here.  


Cytek Security provides state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, delivered by the world’s top cyber experts. This includes advisory and implementation services, managed security services, and capability building.