• State-Of-The-Art Cybersecurity Solutions Delivered By The World’s Top Cyber Experts

    Enhancing enterprise and governmental security resilience through our global footprint and team of experts with years of experience delivering national defense projects.

  • E2E cybersecurity solutions: national CERT, secure data centers, sectorial SOCs, and more

  • We help governments and organizations build cybersecurity frameworks for effectively combating cyber threats


Going beyond the technology

We provide advisory, implementation, managed security services, and cybersecurity capability-building programs to help you combat new and existing cyber threats.

With our unique blend of worldwide security operation centers, rapid scalability, custom service design,and proprietary IP and methodologies that are based on our leadership’s years of experience delivering defense projects all over the world, we give you a much more efficient way to gain the cybersecurity coverage needed in today’s constantly evolving cyber threat landscape.


Support at every step

Whatever your cybersecurity (and business) requirements, our expert cybersecurity consultants start with a practical analysis of where you are now, where you need to get to, and the existing gaps. And we don’t just leave you to it. We provide the Advisory & ImplementationManaged Security Services or Capability Building you need to safeguard your organization.

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)

  • Secure Architecture And Security Control Improvement

  • Penetration Testing

  • Commercial SOC/CSIRT Implementation

  • Monitoring And Investigations

  • Incident Response


  • Cyber training and awareness programs

  • Tech stack and Infrastructure

  • Methodologies

Cytek and Tek Experts launch a new SOC in Nigeria

The Security Operations Center (SOC) will be hosted by Tek Experts in Lagos and operated by Cytek’s team of cybersecurity experts. Built on a solid and innovative methodology, the SOC leverages Microsoft’s Al-powered technology to pinpoint and investigate cyber threats at a pace that far exceeds human capability.


Ensuring Cybersecurity Resilience for Small and Medium Businesses in Nigeria 

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Beyond Automation – Unleashing the Strategic Power of AI for Cybersecurity 

Featured image for article titled "Beyond Automation – Unleashing the Strategic Power of AI for Cybersecurity" showing the attendees of the event during a tour of Cytek's Security Operations Center in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Peace of mind

In a constantly shifting cybersecurity landscape, it isn’t easy to stay on top of the latest threats with an in-house team. This is the challenge that Cytek solves with its state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions, delivered by the world’s top cybersecurity experts.

We don’t just use state-of-the-art technology; we leverage our teams’ extensive track record in establishing and managing numerous national-level and highly classified cyber defense projects, to help organizations and governments enhance their cybersecurity posture and effectively combat new and existing cyber threats.

Our unique blend of Security Operation Centers (SOC) worldwide, rapid scalability, custom service design, and proprietary IP and methodologies assure convenient augmentation of internal resources, while enjoying top notch, extensive security coverage in the most efficient, cost effective manner.