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Capability Building

Systematically develop self-sustained cyber awareness and knowledge.

our approach

Field-proven methodologies for building organization wide cyber DNA

Full set-up and operation of a dedicated cybersecurity Center of Excellence, including labs and simulators – all tailored to help clients address the most acute challenge in cybersecurity today, the human factor.

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Cybersecurity training and awareness programs

Address the most acute cybersecurity challenge: the human factor

Tailored employee learning programs to rapidly improve your cybersecurity knowledge, increase recognition of threats, and establish effective ways of responding to attacks – awareness, beginners, intermediate and advanced levels.

Tech stack and infrastructure

Build it up right

Design and set up cyber simulators / cyber ranges, tailor-made forensic and analytics labs AI-based tools. Keep abreast of cyber threat intelligence with threat sharing platforms.


Stay on top of your organization’s security posture

Maturity assessments, tabletop and hands-on simulations and exercises, blue vs. red teams, and personnel screening.

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