Managed Security Services

14 hubs in 12 countries. Extensive nation-grade expertise.
Extensive impact and efficiency gains.


Keep your organization safe for less by selecting only the services you need

A single source for rapidly scalable cybersecurity expertise – offering instant peace of mind, eliminating the need to build your own in-house capabilities. Benefit from significant economies of scale and time savings, while improving your security posture – so you can focus on your core business.


Monitoring and investigations

Efficiently add extra visibility

Our SOC-as-a-service offering includes real-time monitoring, detection and correlation of data and alerts across your network – including all users and endpoints – from ‘eyes on the glass’ to after-hours to 24/7/365 coverage depending on the extra resources you need to reduce the burden on your in-house team.

Incident response

Cost-effectively counter any threats

Our SOC-as-a-service (SOCaaS) offering includes an on-demand team that is ready to respond if a force majeure cyber incident comes into effect so your team has the support it needs to implement an instant, and effective, response plan and return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Been attacked?



Effortlessly scale-up cyber protection

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS):  Ongoing 24/7/365 certified operation and maintenance of the security controls deployed within your network(s), with the in-built flexibility to scale up or down depending on resource requirements, plus coverage across different time zones from established Cytek SOCs, to effectively deal with challenges around attracting and retaining the right skills internally.