Who We Are

Your partner in the journey to global and effective cybersecurity resilience


On-hand to help

Some organizations find it hard to attract or retain skilled cybersecurity professionals. Some lack the means to identify and respond to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. Others want to boost cybersecurity coverage but resources cannot be diverted from core activities. In most cases, there is a need to boost cybersecurity with minimal impact on the bottom line.

Cytek Security is fully focused on helping organizations stay on top of the latest cyber threats with top notch advisory, implementation, managed security services, and self sustaining cybersecurity capability building, in the most effecient and cost-effective manner.


Cytek is part of YNV Group – supporting sister companies and their multinational clients in enhancing their cybersecurity posture and practices all over the world.

Working with Cytek, organizations get access to a unique combination of a wide global footprint, years of experience delivering defense projects, and proprietary methodologies.

  • 24/7/365 SecOps covering the operations of the YNV Group and its constituent brands
  • 50+ premium cyber support experts based in Costa Rica and Bulgaria
  • Global CSIRT designed, built, and managed to unify brand operations on behalf of the YNV Group
  • 6,000 employees across the YNV Group protected by systems built and designed by us
  • 150+ dedicated security engineers covering implementation and response globally
  • 14,000+ security cases closed in 2022 alone

Global Coverage

Our 24/7/365, follow-the-sun operations provide certified cybersecurity design, monitoring, and response services for organizations around the world.