& Implementation


Harness top-notch, field-proven cybersecurity expertise to establish an effective and efficient cybersecurity posture


Quickly close any gaps in your security posture

We incorporate cybersecurity best practices and Cyteks’ unique knowledge and experience into clients’ organizations – accelerating time to impact for a healthy, self-sustained security posture


Governance, risk & compliance

Raising standards across the organization

Ensuring your operations remain compliant with relevant regulations, standards, and industry best practices, while minimizing risks and optimizing performance.

Secure architecture and security control improvement

Planning for cyber success

Providing organizations with a blueprint for creating a secure environment for a core system or network, including cybersecurity architectures (hybrid, on-premise or in the cloud), that supports their strategic business objectives

Penetration testing

Understand your Vulnerabilities

Systematic assessment of an organization’s networks, systems, and applications to identify and address security vulnerabilities by Cytek team of cybersecurity experts, for effective handling of threats.

Commercial SOC/CSIRT implementation

Building in-house capabilities to keep on top of threats

Cybersecurity consulting and ad-hoc resources for designing and implementing a dedicated Security Operations Center (SOC) or Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) that you can then manage – offering increased visibility to your cyber posture and a greater ability to respond to threats through root cause analysis, reinforcing security controls and mechanisms for swiftly returning to normal operations